• We collect all plan documents, contract agreements and data for all areas of the organization’s (Plan Sponsor) current health plan.
  • The information collected is evaluated and recommendations are made for cost reduction and transparency.
  • With the input of the organization, we provide information to design a better and more cost effective plan.
  • We select the appropriate vendors (TPA, Stop Loss Carrier, Managed Care Organization, Pharmacy Manager, etc.) to be contracted by the Plan Sponsor.
  • We make recommendations on internal controls with accounts and accounting.

What we do…

We assist organizations in the evaluation of their health plan. Our objective is to effectively initiate good business decisions and implement steps necessary to examine the current medical plan and develop a strategy for Plan Vendor Architecture for a future plan and cost control.

Our approach…

New Generation Benefit Partners have many years of experience and training in the administration of health care plans.

Expected results and benefits...

The independent analysis of the medical plan will provide the information to make the best possible business decisions.

  • The Plan Sponsor will be in control of the health plan.
  • Independent checks and balances will be in place.
  • The effects of the new healthcare laws (PPACA) will be minimized.
  • The careful research of all opportunities will be such that

          recommendations are economically and ethically strong.

  • Implementation strategies for current and future plan cost controls.
  • Transparency structures for all vendor components of the plan.

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